Reviews for Teleport (Edinburgh Fringe 2019):

‘…Exceptionally well written, amazingly preformed and always hilarious, Teleport is an outstanding, theatrical piece of one-man comedy.’ ★★★★ Chortle

‘…David McIver’s show is interactive; he takes you on a quest and shows you the different parts of a roleplaying game so that even if you are not familiar with the concept, you will be by the end of the show. The audience becomes part of the show and if you like audience participation, this show is full of it. He’s charming, incredibly approachable and generally really friendly which is why you want to be part of the show, you want him to tell you a Death Story or reveal your future…’ ★★★★ Scotsgay

‘Character comedian David McIver’s Teleport takes us on a deliciously low-budget, self-deprecating, dynamic quest through the online fantasy character games he used to play as a child. It’s a pay-what-you-want nostalgic hour of fun that irreverently pokes fun at the stereotypes of online video games, and is sure to thrill any audience…’ ★★★★ Broadway Baby

‘…Teleport is a joyful and poignant hour perfectly pitched and paced regardless of whether you’ve been on the verge of a gaming addiction or if – like me- your only memory of computer games is playing snake on your Nokia 2210 on the school bus or humouring your annoying neighbour so you can play Sonic the Hedgehog on their Sega Mega Drive (cos your mum won’t let you have one). The jokes hit at every level (some gamers in the house were rolling in the aisles at the gaming jokes while fans of the absurd enjoyed the layers of physical comedy and energetic pace). This is a heartfelt show that is structured to bring everyone along for the ride as McIver writes what he knows with heart and makes it universally relatable. A creative superpower levelling-up the comedy game.’ ★★★★ Entertainment Focus

Reviews for David McIver Is a Nice Little Man (Edinburgh Fringe 2018, debut hour):

‘We are invited into David’s 18th birthday party, where he has a series of guests who make sporadic appearances throughout. David’s own brand of awkward conversation and engagement with his audience is wonderful and from the offset, you are laughing at his well-crafted sense of irony. The audience are indeed encouraged to participate and David’s control over this is a joy to watch and he truly had his audience in fits of laughter…’ ★★★★★ LondonTheatre1

‘…It’s also a delightfully absurd comic exploration of masculinity and self-confidence. This is a show that’s uniquely inventive in its approach to comedy, getting you to laugh in ways you probably didn’t think you could – I thoroughly enjoyed a hilarious Franz Kafka riff that comes out of nowhere. Like a great deal of good jesting, it’s all about playing with audience expectations, but where it’s edging out the competition is in McIver’s ability to defy even your second and third guesses at what’s coming next by mixing physical comedy with character sketches, audio clips, props, improvisation and even some honest to god brilliant anti-jokes…’ ★★★★½ Short Com

‘…What at the outset appears a bunch of eccentric unrelated characters soon reveals itself to have a deeper connection, tied neatly together as they are by McIver’s coy birthday boy persona. There are plenty of parts that build to a clever and thought-provoking conclusion. Once you see where McIver is headed, the payoff is rewarding: as funny as the show is, it is the underlying sentiment of being able to express yourself and defying gender conformity that really holds this performance together…’ ★★★★ FringeGuru

‘…A really interesting concept and really well executed…’ ★★★★ Edinburgh Culture Review

‘…A cut above most free fringe shows… screamingly funny…’ ★★★★ Mumble Comedy

Reviews for David McIver: Stop It, David, We Are Having Too Much Fun (Edinburgh Fringe 2017, 45 minute show):

‘David McIver is a refreshing breath of air in every sense. Charmingly mischievous and unique, he sets the bar high for any Fringe newcomer. His bizarre road less travelled of stand-up sees a spectrum of characters including a narcissistic Emperor and a glum maths teacher wielding a sexual abacus…’ ★★★★ Broadway Baby

‘…David McIver is a mermaid on a rock – with a beard – lulling south-side stragglers onto his reef where our vessels of normality will find themselves holed below the bottom by his spiky surreality & sink into the lagoon of his substantive comedy…’ ★★★★ Mumble Comedy